NYWC - General Session #2

Most of this session was fairly non-descript for me. Until Shane Claiborne spoke. He got up, did a couple of fire tricks, read Matthew 4,5, & 6, and then said this is the greatest sermon ever spoken, God give us the courage to live it.
Several things were cool about this. To start that way was to almost come out and say "I'm not here to do tricks". Most people were expecting some stories about his ministry. He's a really unique guy, so I think most people were excited. Then he read the sermon on the mount kind of saying God's already said it all, what more can I say. But the last line he said of "God give us the courage to live it" really hit me. We know the words of Jesus' sermon so well, but most of us live as if we don't.
Eryn did not enjoy Shane. All he did was read the Bible. Anybody can do that.
That's true. So maybe Shane wasn't really great, but he was definitely different. JM


gavin richardson said...

i was thinking that prophetic voices, which are always tough to hear don't say much.

prophet might not be the label for shane, but doing what he did was bold in my eyes.

Josh Mc Alister said...

One of the things I said to my wife was that if he can say everything he wants to without really saying much, why add on with a bunch of nothing. The simplest points are often the most profound.
You're right, it definitely was bold. He almost seemed nervous at the end there.