New Car

So I'm starting to look for a new car for us. We won't get anything for several months still, but I like to research stuff to make sure I'm getting the right thing. We want to get a vehicle that can hold 3 car seats and is not a minivan or some massive SUV. There's not a lot out there. So far all I know is that we're going to get a used vehicle, probably a 2003 or 2004, but I still don't even know if it will be an SUV or a car. From looking around a little bit tonight the frontrunner so far is a VW Passat Wagon. They're cheaper than I thought and I saw on some message boards that they can hold 3 car seats in the rear seat. Plus, I think they look cool and I know Eryn likes how they drive. What would be great is if we went out and got one because our neighbor across the street has one and she literally hates us. JM

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