I Hate The Patriots

I've started to appreciate Tom Brady's ability a lot more this year. I used to fault him as not being all that great of a passer because the Patriot offense revolved around short curl routes or crossing patterns. He rarely, it seemed, would hit guys in stride running deep down field. That's changed this year, and he has shown himself to be a great quarterback. Unfortunately he is either naive or stupid. Check out this quote from Tom Brady:
I don't think anyone ever takes any cheap shots. Not in football."

Maybe Brady forgot about the cheap shot that his teammate took at the end of week 4 of this season:
OLB Mike Vrabel was fined $5,000 by the NFL for unneccesary roughness
Sunday's game against the Browns. A league spokesman confirmed the fine,
which was for driving an opponent toward the quarterback after the ball was
The play in question came with 11 seconds left and Browns
Derek Anderson spiking the ball.

Just in case you were wondering, the score of the game at the time of the cheap shot was 34 - 17 or 3 possessions. Seems pretty cheap to me.
Embedded below is the video of the play for which he was fined. Note at the end the commentator says "somehow Mike Vrabel was still playing". This brings up another point about why the Patriots are stupid: they leave their star players in the game well after the outcome has been decided. Brady, Moss, Welker, Vrabel and all of the other first teamers should be pulled out of the game with the leads that the Patriots have built up. This would not only protect them from injury, but also give the backups experience in case there is an injury. But Belichick is a stubborn, vindictive man. JM

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