Let's Not Have A Plan

It's easier to not have a plan. To go at things and just see what happens. But it's horrible leadership. It might make other people feel better emotionally, but it's probably not in their best interest. New Orleans has scaled back their rebuilding plan because of a lack of money. Instead of having a massive rebuilding plan, they are going with a "let's see what happens approach".
The plan -- the general outlines of which were approved by the City Council earlier this year -- is not the radical remaking of the city urged by some urban planners who wanted to see a New Orleans with a much smaller footprint, and with people moved out of flood-prone areas.

Instead, it largely embraces Mayor Ray Nagin's settle-where-you-will philosophy, while also endorsing the removal of blight and the creation of parks, affordable apartments and vibrant communities.

If you had any questions as to whether Ray Nagin was an incompetent leader, I think this settles it. Why not say we're not going to resettle areas that are 10 feet below sea level? Or come up with a plan that costs less, but still moves people out of flood-prone areas? Horrible. JM

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