Injustice = Good Person

Just because someone is the victim of injustice, they aren't necessarily a good person. It was unfortunate what happened to the people of New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina, but that doesn't make them heroes. It's unfortunate that the Jena 6 boys were/are being treated unjustly, but that doesn't make them heroes. One of the Jena 6 boys was ordered back into a juvenile facility because this incident is a violation of his probation for four previous juvenile offenses. Of course, not everybody sees it my way and some are saying that this is just revenge. Enter Al Sharpton:
Civil rights activist Al Sharpton, who has championed Bell's case, denounced Thursday's decision as "revenge" by the judge and called on Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco to intervene.

If you view the world through negative eyes, that is all you will ever see. Being positive is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Resolve is a choice. What are you going to choose. JM

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