Acts 5:22-28

I hate it when I screw up. When I make a mistake. I'm not a perfectionist or anything, but I like things to be a certain way and it bugs me when they're not and I'm the cause of it. I've screwed up enough to know how to handle it, though. A lot of people like to act as if they did nothing wrong. Either that nothing bad happened, or that they are not the cause of it. This just makes them look stupid.
I'd rather just admit fault, accept responsibility, work to rectify the situation, and move on in a manner that will hopefully avoid the mistake in the future. I guess that's hard for some people. I don't really know why, it seems the easiest way to handle it, although I guess it can be a bit humbling.
Because I like things a certain way, it's tough for me to delegate. We have a huge middle school event tomorrow night. I'm running through all of the details in my mind right now. I think everything is ready, but I delegated some of the tasks and I'm scared that they won't get done, or at least not to the standard of quality that I would hope for. I guess that's part of leadership, though, learning to let go. JM

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