Acts 14:32-37

We act as if God gives us things for us to enjoy. And He does. But God gives us things so that we can use them for His glory. While part of that is us enjoying them, another part is us sharing them with people who are in need. Most of the time, we think this means giving stuff to help poor people, and it does. But, shouldn't it also mean sharing meals with other people. Sharing life with them. Sharing children's clothes.
My family doesn't eat a lot. We're all fairly small people. But most of the recipes that my wife makes are made to feed like 5,000 people. So rather than us just throw out the leftovers, or eat meat loaf for 2 weeks straight, we invite people over. Tonight my wife made mostaccoli. It makes enough to literally feed 8 people. So we invited our neighbors from down the street. We didn't have to do that. They didn't need the meal. But I think God wants us to share everything we have.
The beauty of it is when you really do this, and enjoy the community that it creates, it really doesn't feel like sacrifice. JM

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