The News Is Lame

"Students react to the sudden death of a popular high school senior". That was the teaser for me to continue watching the news just now. Didn't really grab me. I mean, I guess it should have since the student was "popular".
What does that have to do with anything. If it's an unpopular student is it not a story? Would they interview kids and have them be like, "Yeah, he was in my class, but I didn't like him. He was pretty lame. It's probably better that he's gone." I guess I should be more sad that he was popular. Or maybe more empathetic.
Okay, turns out it was a girl. A flagget (color guard).
It's funny how when something like this happens, people like to act like they really knew the person. Like they were their closest friend, when all they really want is attention themselves. They want to be the one on TV. They want to be the one "wandering the halls because (they) didn't know what to do". I'll end this live blogging while watching the Atlanta news now. JM

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