A New Kind Of Youth Ministry

I finished this book by Chris Folmsbee last night and loved it. The author argues that so much of what we do in youth ministry is focused on the youth minister by focusing on things that will inflate his own ego. What Chris argues for is a kind of youth ministry that focuses on the students needs and recultures youth ministry to encourage students to live among the needs of others.

This is different from caring for the needs of others because when we do that we see the other as "them" and something to be won. When we live among their needs, we instead empathize and build deep relationships with them for the purpose of living life and nothing else.

He then takes this principle through every area of youth ministry. The more I think about it, the more I was challenge by it and amazed by his insight. One of my favorite parts was when he was talking about student mission trips. He was on his way back to Minneapolis after spending a week ministering to the homeless in Nashville. He pulled into a gas station and saw another youth minister with a group of kids on their way back to Nashville after spending a week ministering to the homeless in Minneapolis. Reminded me of Brian Regan's bit about log trucks.

If you are at all involved in ministry to students, I highly recommend this book. JM

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