Matthew 28:16-17

Tons of people followed Jesus around. At one point he delivered a message to 5,000 men, not counting women and children. That's a lot of people. At one point he sends out the "76" who were evidently a group that were very closely associated. Then there were the 12 disciples that were with him all the time. And three of those were in a special group that accompanied Jesus on certain occasions.
Out of all of those people that Jesus interacted with, it only mentions the 11 followers going to Galilee to see Jesus after he had risen. And of those 11, some of them didn't believe that it was Jesus.
We like to surround ourselves with lots of people. It makes us feel good to say that we have lots of friends. But in the end that really doesn't matter. All of those people would drop us for nothing. But that core group of people will stay with us no matter what. I'd rather have a small group of friends that truly are friends than tons of people that know me and like me. JM

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