Matthew 27:62-66

You can be convinced of something. You can believe it passionately. You can be absolutely sure of it. You can even believe that God wants it that way, but you can still be wrong about it. Certainly you would have to miss some fairly obvious signs from God in order to get to the position that the pharisees were in, but it's possible. So how can we be convinced that God is in something and be right about it? I think it all comes down to how we interact with Him. If we give God no opportunities to speak to us, then we are trapped into listening to God through circumstances and wise counsel. Counsel is easy to dismiss, and circumstances can be easy as well. This reason is probably the most crucial reason in my opinion as to why we need to have a daily time of bible study and prayer. Otherwise we might be the one crucifying Christ and be convinced that we're serving God. JM

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