Linkin Park, Censorship, And Sensitivity

I hate Linkin Park. I think they have very little talent, if any at all. On the VMA's last week I noticed that they bleeped a word out of their performance and I thought it might be "noose". The other day I heard the song again and the word that was edited was "noose".
I'm all for being sensitive and I think censorship needs to happen in most media formats, but to edit a word like noose that is not being used in a racial context seems overly sensitive to me. Should I remove that word from my vocabulary (not that I ever use it anyway)? Just seems kind of ridiculous to me. Here's the video (the edit is at 1:18) and the lyrics. JM

filthy mouth / no excuse
find a new place to hang this noose
string me up from atop these roofs
knot it tight so i won't get loose

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