We get lots of clothes for the kids given to us. Mainly because people know we're poor and most of the people around us have money, so we get the clothes. It comes in pretty handy. We've let it stack up for like a year in our laundry room. Until today when we finally went through it. A lot of we kept. Some of it will go back to the people who gave it to us (not being rude, they wanted it back if we couldn't use it). And then some of it went to Goodwill.
One of the things we found was a Minnie Mouse outfit. Ana wore it proudly during lunch and then promptly fell asleep in her high chair. Here's a picture of her sleeping and then a picture of my wife going through a portion of the clothes.
Right after I took this she said "I'm not in it, right?" Of course she was, so I edited her out of it. I think she always looks beautiful, but you know how girls are. JM

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