Bike Riding

Remember when you used to run outside hop on your bike and go off to play. Well they don't do that anymore evidently. Now you have to run outside grab your helmet and strap it on. Then you have to grab your knee pads and strap those on. Then you have to grab your elbow pads and strap those on. Then you are ready to enjoy your time on your bike. I know helmets can save lives or whatever, but I think I'm not going to make Noah wear his. It just seems so lame. I know I sound like the grumpy old man..."Back in my day..."
But yeah, Noah has a bike rodeo at school tomorrow. I'm not really sure what that means, probably some bike riding and calf roping, or at least the first part. So tomorrow we'll take up his big wheel and his mandated bike helmet. We got it today from Target and it's a Cars movie helmet. Luckily it also came with elbow pads and knee pads (really I think it's for like skating or something) so he'll be ready for anything. All of this for like $5.14 or something crazy cheap like that. Here's Noah all geared up. JM

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