Wife Swap

I love this show. It's just like being at church. They like take two moms from diametrically opposed situations and switch them. So like the shallow, consumerist mom trades with like the communal, minimalist mom. They live like the other mom for one week and then they can impose their rules on their new family for another week.
What's great about the second week is that the moms go extremely overboard. They throw out any vestige of the normal life and transform it completely to what they are used to with no middle ground.
It's the classic, my way is the only way thing. It's just like at church where people believe the only way to worship is through hymns. Or when people believe the only way to run children's ministry is with VBS. Or that you have to run Sunday school. Or that you have to raise your hands in worship.
It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. I think we should be able to appreciate both sides, and find the happy middle ground. Maybe I'm naive, though. JM

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