STL To ATL Travel

We had a great week of vacation in St. Louis. It's great to be back home. I love my house, if nothing more than the familiarity of it. Getting home was an adventure, as always seems to happen. We went to the airport for our 10:55 am flight only to find out that it had been cancelled. They put Eryn and Noah on a 12:35 pm flight and Ana and me on a 1:30 pm flight. Then they started offering vouchers if people would change their travel plans. Eryn went and talked to them about our situation and that we would really all like to fly together.
So they switched us all to the 7:20 pm flight and gave us $750 in vouchers for future travel.
Then when we got there for the 7:20 pm flight, it was delayed due to mechanical problems. We ended up leaving around 8:15 pm and after getting our ride to my car, the time change, and the drive home, we didn't get home until 12:30 am on Wednesday. Long day, but at least we got some free air travel out of it. JM

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