Matthew 26:69-75

I like to think Peter is such a bad person for vocally denying Jesus. I would never do that, or at least that's what I tell myself. At least I would never vocally deny Jesus. But I do it all the time with my actions. If I were in that same situation nobody would have ever come up to me and accused me of being a disciple. My actions so often don't look like those of a disciple.
I mean, I don't smoke, or cuss, or drink, or kill people, but I seldom do things that are befitting a disciple. I don't go out of my way to know people or to show that I care for them. I guess my biggest battle is the one that rages inside of me tempting me to just keep to myself. I argue that it's just the way I am. Irregardless of that, we are called to minister and I can't do that if I won't engage people with love. JM

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