I got to play guitar with the youth praise band as they led worship in big church today. It was a lot of fun. I really liked the songs that we got to play, and I feel like we made nice arrangements of them and played them well.
My 3 year old son, Noah, had practiced with us the day before and the morning of. He was pumped about playing, but couldn't understand why he couldn't be on stage to play. So he's crying in the back of the sanctuary with my wife as daddy and the rest of his friends are playing.
So a friend of mine picks him up and puts him on the stage with his little fake guitar right next to me during the second song. I thought it was going to be amazingly distracting, but people seemed to respond well to it.
It was really cute to watch him strum his little guitar and get into it. I'll see if I can post some video once I get it.

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