Matthew 26:14-16

Judas is one of the most interesting people in the Bible to me. He hung out with Jesus constantly. He witnessed it all. He was there just like the rest of the disciples. And yet he didn't get it. Experiencing the same events as everyone else, he had a radically different reaction. It's kind of refreshing that someone that close to Jesus didn't get it. I look back at all of the students that have come through my ministry and didn't get it and I wonder what I did wrong. How did I not communicate God's love and truth in a way that changed their life. Seeing Judas helps me to realize that some people refuse to get it for whatever reason.
This is also an interesting little passage. Judas was taking money from the treasury bag of Jesus ministry. If he turned Jesus in, then he would be losing his source of income. So he would have to turn Jesus in for a large sum to make up the difference. But he didn't get a large sum, so there must have been something else Judas was looking for. Either he wanted to be accepted by the Pharisees or he didn't like Jesus. That's going to take some research to figure out. JM

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