Matthew 23:5-12

Humility and servanthood. I think the church is just now starting to catch on to these principles. For so long we have set ourselves up as a different way of life. A better way. We've said the only time that we can mix with the general population is when individuals from that population reform themselves to our standards.
But that's so not what Jesus wanted. Jesus lived his life as the greatest example of servanthood. And he had more right to demand respect than anyone.
My desire is to run a ministry and live my life that embraces the ideas of humility and servanthood, respects individuals no matter their lifestyle, and shows them the love of God through service.
One of the great quote's in Contemplative Youth Ministry is that we should see each person "as the only Jesus we may ever know." I've been trying to remind myself of that as I start every one on one conversation. It's an awesome reminder of the importance of really hearing each person. JM

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