Matthew 23:13-22

What ways do I hold people back from coming to Jesus? I know I do. I know I don't take advantage of every opportunity in my ministry to do that, but I'm thinking of more on a personal level. One of the big things that I struggle with is my introversion. It takes effort for me to be outgoing. Because of the nature of my job, most people presume that I'm outgoing. I'm not, though. Well, I guess I am.
Really, I'm just confident. I know who I am and what I'm good at. The problem is not that I'm not outgoing, the problem is that I'm introverted. I enjoy reading and running and doing introspective things. They're not really group activities. So a lot of times I'll struggle at parties and stuff like that (my wife gets annoyed by this).
But people take my introversion for snootiness or holier than thouness or something like that. I know it's how I'm made, but I think it can hold people back from the kingdom of God, so I need to work through it. JM

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