Matthew 21:12-17

Well, if the religious leaders weren't mad enough at Jesus yet, he figured he'd up the ante on them. Pretty cool scene where Jesus goes into the temple and does some screaming and yelling. Then immediately afterward, people are coming up to him to be healed and little children are singing his praises. This kind of shows two things: First that Jesus wasn't all that scary of a guy even when he was turning over tables and yelling, and second that most of the people felt that the money changers and the people selling sacrifices were shady. They wanted to do what Jesus did, but they didn't have the guts.
So what am I too afraid to do because of the establishment? I'm not sure, but I think the lesson from this passage is to quit caring what the ramifications of an action will be and do it if it is God-inspired.
Seth Godin talked about that today on his blog referencing the moment when most people blink/pause to think about the situation. Jesus didn't do that. He just reacted. JM

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