Arrogance and Running Late

I think one of the rudest things you can be is late. Last night we went to a community wide youth event that was supposed to start at 7:30 and end at 9:00. It didn't start until 7:45 PM. In fact, they didn't even open up the doors until 7:30. I'm sure they were doing something spiritual like praying or blessing the service or cramming in one last practice song, but at some point (15 minutes before) you have to open the doors, and you have to start on time.
So then they ran over on the end until 9:15 PM. Groups were leaving because they had to make it back to their church. The band played on, though. Caught up, I'm sure, in some rapturous spiritual moment. Whatever. Anytime someone runs over like that or starts late like that, or DOESN'T OPEN THE DOORS, it comes across as arrogance to me. I hate it. JM

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