Matthew 15:21-28

I love that Jesus really didn't want to go to Jerusalem to suffer. I mean, nobody would, but I love that even Jesus didn't want to. A lot of times we like to paint Jesus as this guy that never thought twice about things and always knew what he was doing. But I think some of the time he worried about how he might respond in certain situations. Jesus struggled with temptation not just in the wilderness before he started his ministry, but everyday of his life.
He was strong enough to overcome temptation. I would have been like whatever, I'm out of here. But Jesus had the strength to stick it out. I think a lot of overcoming temptation is just strength and resolve. JM


Baylor Girl said...

Hi, I'm a random commenter. When I'm bored, I browse through blogs and yours caught my eye because it deals with something I can relate to.

I love that about Jesus too. It makes me feel closer to Him in those times when I have to struggle with an issue or temptation, just knowing He's gone through something similar. Though His temptation was a lot more than any of us will ever endure in our lifetime.

Josh Mc Alister said...

Thanks for the comment Baylor Girl. It is awesome to think about that Jesus can relate to us just because he went through temptation and suffering too. I mean, he easily could have just been God and not done all of the human emotional junk, but he went all the way. We serve an awesome God. JM