Support Groups

Our church has a ministry called Grace Life that is basically support/recovery groups for various addictions and troubling life experiences. It's a great ministry, but few people use it. Today, the minister in charge was talking about his frustration in getting our church aware and accepting of it. He mentioned that he had advertised in the paper and various other outlets, and received little to no response.
His desire was to see "Grace Life" mentioned from the pulpit. He mentioned that after informally mentioning Grace Life to several people, they had no idea what it was. I wanted to interject that it was probably because the name of the ministry was changed within the last 6 months from Celebrate Recovery. When CR was first introduced to our church, it received tons of publicity and was the focus of a 6-week sermon series. But there was not much publicity over the name change or focus change.
So with this desire to see Grace Life mentioned more, they hoped to create more word-of-mouth advertising. This can be extremely effective, but only if people can put a face to what the ministry does. If you just give people words, then they can't visualize anything. But if you show them a changed life and attach that to the words Grace Life, then people will remember it, be able to talk about it, and recommend it to people who might be struggling with the same issues. JM

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