Mother's Day Idea

Song - That I Would Be Good - Alanis Morissette
Okay, so what if the main goal of the message was to talk about how women want to be seen as successful and perfect and they try to hide all of their flaws.
Some stuff to use could be the opening of Desperate Housewives where the lady talks about how perfect her life seemed and then she kills herself.
People desire to be seen as having no imperfections. Women especially. Botox, makeup, hair dye.
The point is that it's not these things that make us good. We can have the seemingly perfect life and be unsuccesful, and we can have the seemingly worst life and be successful. It all matters what we do with Jesus.
I'd love to use that Alanis song. I might have to change a few words, but nobody would ever know. I just wouldn't want to cheese it up, or anything. The problem would be getting it played well and finding someone that could sing it with the right amount of passion, rawness and being able to get that high. JM

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