Matthew 15:32-39

So Jesus is with these people for three days. He's done though. He's ready for them to leave and evidently they are ready to leave as well. I've definitely been there. Ready for the retreat to be over. Ready for the meeting to be finished.
But Jesus realizes that the people are hungry. I could probably do that too. Sometimes I get to the end of something and realize that maybe something more needs to be done.
Jesus then sits everyone down and feeds them. He meets their felt need before he sends them off on their way. How different is that from how the church typically functions? We like to take care of people spiritually and then shove them off, even though we realize that they might need something more than just spiritual care. I wonder how many people leave our churches on Sunday mornings and go home to a house with no food while the majority of us go out to waste our money on food at a restaraunt.
I know that's kind of a rambling thought on this passage. JM

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