Matthew 15:1-9

Wow. This passage is rather timely. Last year at the SBC, they passed a non-binding resolution opposing the manufacture and consumption of alcohol. Since then, the SBC has been quietly pursuing consumers of alcohol within the SBC. I think it's sad that we stand so staunchly against alcohol when it's not an evil in and of itself. Baptists are known for not drinking. I guess that's good. But, I take great issue with the idea that alcohol somehow makes a person a lesser candidate for SBC scholarships or funds from state conventions to subsidize loans.
I personally cannot stand the taste of alcohol. My wife used to drink some on occasion, but she no longer does so. Nevertheless, if it comes down to me having to sign something saying that I will never consume alchol because it is evil, then I won't do it.
Instead of focusing so much attention on saying alcohol is bad, what if we spent that time figuring out better ways to reach our communities. They don't care what we self-righteously say about alcohol. They care about their daily lives. When all we do is debate things that don't relate to that, we become less and less relevant and relegate ourselves to being an artifact of antiquity. JM

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