I want my son to see his life as an adventure. He just turned 3 the other day, and has never been camping. My wife was gone the other night and wasn't going to be home until later on, so after we put Ana down to sleep, Noah and I got some blankets and went and laid out under the stars. We looked at the moon, we looked at airplanes, we looked at the stars, we looked at venus. It was awesome. I told him we were going to do it early on in the day, so he was talking about it all day.
I just love how excited he gets about things. I don't want him to see his life as I go to school, come home, watch tv, do homework, go to bed. I want him to beg each day for discovery.
I'm trying to live my life that way too. It's tough, and it takes commitment, but imagine how much richer your experience will be. JM

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