Matthew 13:52-58

Sometimes it's tought to shake your past. Everybody knows who you are. Then you try to change and all people can think about is how you used to be. When I first became a Christian, I had to shake what I had done as an atheist. I was a moral person, but my thought patterns were based on atheist logic.
It's amazing that even though all Christians are dependent on God's grace, it's the new Christians that we like to make feel like they are the only ones who need it. What I mean is, we like to forget about all of the junk that we did, and all of the sins that we've had forgiven, but we like to bring it up with other people. It's almost like we thing that everybody else is under grace except for us.
I think one of the things that holds students back from becoming passionate for God is they feel that their friends won't understand the change. They'll have to become known for something else. They have their identity in being the snobby girl, or the party guy, but to change that perception is more daunting than changing the actual behaviour. JM

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