Leadership Commitment Service

Last night at our church was the leadership commitment service for our financial campaign. Basically it was a time for the leadership in the church (about 390 people were invited) to come together and make their financial commitment to the campaign. This total will be announced to the congregation at large on Sunday as some form of motivation or example for them to follow.
It really was a nice night with good food and all of that. Once the service actually started, though, I felt weird. Not like weird those BBQ chicken fingers are messing with my stomach, but weird, I can't do this right now.
My wife had signed up to work childcare that night for this event, so she wasn't with me. We had already talked about what our commitment would be, but I didn't want to make it without her there. I know it's just filling out a form, but to me that takes away from both the spirituality of it and the togetherness of it. So I left when they started turning in their commitment forms. My wife and I will turn ours in together on 03.18 with the rest of the church. I just think too often we trivialize what could be great spiritual moments in our church, our families, and our own lives. JM

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