Now we're not getting a minivan, but my wife is still going to watch the kids. Here's how awesome God is. My neighbor has a daughter that Eryn watches. She was talking to Eryn today and offered to watch Noah and her daughter while Eryn goes to pick up the two other kids that she'll be watching from school. Meaning that Eryn can fit everybody in one vehicle and that we don't have to go into debt.
That is so awesome. I was looking forward to getting the van, but I would rather wait to get it until we absolutely had to have it. This way we can hopefully save up some money and maybe pay cash for a van or at least put down a massive down payment on one.
It's awesome how much God blesses you when you honor him with your tithe. I've been really bad about it all my life, but I just switched this year to having it automatically taken out of my bank account every payday. That way there's no debating what we should do with the money because it's already gone.
God is definitely the great provider. JM

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