Attribute of God

So my small group leader called me the other day. We're talking about who God is this week and he gave everyone in the class the assignment to come up with their favorite attribute of God, a verse that displays that attribute, and what that means to you.
As soon as he explained the project to me, I knew what I wanted to talk about.
I'm amazed by God's creativity. The more creative elements that I am put in control of, the more I realize how finite my creativity is. Most of what I do is just rehashing what others have done. But look at how creative God was, and what he was able to accomplish creatively in just six days. That's why "there's nothing new under the sun." God's already done it all.
That's why I admire God's creativity. It also means that I can look to him for inspiration. I always have my most creative times when I take the time to surround myself in nature. Time kind of slows down and lets you think. Plus, it places you in the most creative element you can be in. JM

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