How much time do we spend fulfilling expectations that aren't there? We ordered Chinese tonight, and along with everything else we received a bag full of soy sauce, duck sauce, and sweet and sour sauce. We never open this bag. I wonder how many people do the exact same thing.

Perhaps we are a rarety and the average Chinese food consumer consumes the contents of the bag. We do not. If we are not the minority, how much does the bag and its contents cost the Chinese restaurant? If they discontinued providing these, how much money would they save?

In church work we spend a lot of time doing things that we don't want to do, or that aren't productive simply because we perceive that the expectation is there to continue those programs, even though nobody may even desire them.

How liberating is it when you only do the things you want to do that actually produce results? One day I may find out. JM

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