Stage Awkwardness

One of the most uncomfortable feelings is when awkwardness is coming from a stage. I was just watching a giveaway during the halftime of the Fiesta bowl. A guy was throwing a football through a hole to win $100,000. After he did it, they told him he was getting a new house as well. Great stuff for him. The problem was that he was being paraded around like a puppet by the announcer. "Bring in your family", "Jump through the hole", do this, do that. Not a pretty moment. It becomes uncomfortable to watch when people don't have the right reactions, or people miss their cues.
My church is really bad about this, especially at the end of our worship hours. There are missed handoffs all over the place. As soon as the commitment song is over, someone is supposed to pray for the offering. But there is usually dead air. Then there is dead air afterwards as the host is unsure of what to do. The confusion makes everyone uncomfortable, right at the moment when you want to leave them feeling good.
The more you can communicate what is going to happen to people that will be on stage, the better things will go for you. It's always better to overcommunicate. JM

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