Meeting Of The Minds

This morning I had the opportunity to meet with Mark Batterson of National Community Church for a small group discussion of his thoughts on church and leadership.
I have a standard fear of meetings like this because they have a tendency to quickly devolve into "What's your favorite color?" or "What's on your ipod?" sort of discussions. This was not like that, thanks to Walker Maginnis for that. The other thing that tends to happen is that people say things just to hear themselves talk and so that the celebrity (Mark) will say something positive about them. We also, for the most part, avoided this as well.
It was a great time and it was awesome to hear his humility. He had some excellent thoughts on branding and marketing. My take-away from this morning is what he said about internal marketing. They try to produce all of their pieces with a commitment to quality and creativity as opposed to just producing external pieces with those traits.
Lately, I've been focusing on external pieces, but have neglected doing high quality internal marketing. I really enjoyed his insight on that. JM

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