Matthew 9:27-31

"Because you believe I can make you see again, it will happen."
Jesus has a pattern of blessing people who have faith. I've seen that over and over again just in the past few chapters. Jesus gives people what they want. But the stories all have several things in common.
1. They ask Jesus for it. They don't just wish that they had something, but they take the time to approach Jesus about it. Some are even carried to him, just so they can ask him.
2. They make their request specific. The blind didn't ask to be better, they wanted sight. The guy who couldn't walk asked to walk.
3. They believe that Jesus can do it. One guy believed that Jesus could heal his servant, even if Jesus wasn't present. One guy believed that Jesus could raise his daughter from the dead. Two guys believed that Jesus could give them sight.
God is not done granting requests. While I certainly don't believe in the "health and wealth" gospel, I do believe that God eagerly desires to give us things when they are in line with his will. So why not pray for 100 middle school students at my super bowl party? Why not pray for 200? Why not pray for as many as we can physically handle?
Why not pray that God can get hold of the hearts of people in my church and make them passionate disciples of Jesus? If I ask Jesus for it specifically, and believe that Jesus can do it, then why would he not desire to grant it if my motives are pure?
Now of course there are other reasons why God may choose to not say yes. But that's not what I'm getting at. God wants to bless us. We desire to be blessed. It's not God's fault when we are not blessed. JM

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