Matthew 6:25-34

Man, after holding my daughter and worrying about her because she's sick, how comforting is it to read that I don't have to worry. God has everything in his control. That statement by itself is impressive, but it's not comforting until you combine it with the fact that he is working everything out for my good (Romans 8:28). Pretty incredible combination.
Verse 33 "The thing you should want most is God's kingdom, and doing what God wants." I hope that I can truthfully say that is what I want most. I think it is, but I just have distractions like finances, pride, popularity. I wish I could minimize those distractions and just desire God's kingdom to grow. Change can only happen through prayer.
I think I'd like to work on my prayer life. I'm going to talk to a couple of people to see how I can better organize it and structure it. Not to make it stuffy, because I still want to have a sense of awe and mystery to it, but I want it to be effective. JM

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