Matthew 4:12 - 22

So you're hanging out at work. Doing nothing. Just the regular tasks of the family business. Some guy walking by on the street stops in the office and says "Come, follow me." What do you do? Can you imagine actually going with the guy? That's what the disciples did. Kind of shows you that people could tell that Jesus wasn't just an ordinary guy. He probably walked differently, talked differently, and acted differently. You could probably just tell that he was special. I know if I asked people to come follow me I'd probably be given a restraining order. Pretty incredible.
It's also cool to look at the relationship between John the Baptist and Jesus. Jesus ministry didn't start until John was in prison. I wonder why? Maybe he didn't want to steal any of John's ministry. Who knows. Once Jesus started his ministry he preached the same message that John did: Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.
By the way, John the Baptist is my favorit Biblical figure. JM

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