Yesterday was an awesome day for me financially for two reasons. I had refinanced our house back in November. My property tax ($1100) is also due in November, so they built that into my loan. Unfortunately, my old loan had already paid the property tax. This meant that I paid twice. I had talked to the county tax collector about a month ago to find out what happened to the second check and they said that they had sent one back to the mortgage company. So after talking to the mortgage company they said they didn't have it. My money had basically disappeared into thin air. I have my insurance bill coming up ($360), and I had planned on using money from this check. Yesterday, the check magically showed up in my mailbox. Awesome.
Then, I was working on my income tax and it kept saying that I was going to owe $3600. That's a lot of money to owe. I started stressing. I fixed whatever the problem was and now we're getting a refund of $2700. That's a lot nicer. What's great is that this is all money that I had planned on. If it had all worked out exactly as I planned, I wouldn't have thought about God once. But because the situations got stressful, I'm thanking God for it now. JM

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