Chase The Lion

Tonight at my church we had a men's event with Mark Batterson as the featured speaker. It was a great night. Interesting to hear Mark speak. His speaking style is very close to his writing style. A lot of times you'll see guys who are gifted at one and not the other, but he really does well in both arenas.
Several things were cool about the event tonight. First, there were about 530 men there. That's a huge turnout for our church. Second, it wasn't just our church. There were tons of other churches represented as well as tons of guests. Third, everything from the meal, to the music, to the decorations, was done with excellence. I really felt like this was a high quality event and something we should be proud of.
It was really cool to have something like that at our church. It makes me proud to be a part of it, even though I had absolutely nothing to do with this event.
Hopefully we can carry some of that momentum over to our weekly programming and channel some of those people into it. JM

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Chill Pastor said...

I was very impressed with the hospitality of your church...We drove from Rome, GA last night....Awesome time of worship..

Thanks again..

chill pastor