The Amazing Power Of Faith

Today's message at my church was awesome. We're going through a series called "The Amazing Race: The Four Clues to have a Great 2007". God really used it to speak to me on a very personal level.
Some of the highlights for me "What would I attempt if I knew I could not fail?" Man, that really hits at my fear of leading a church. I feel like God is really leading me in that direction, but I'm so scared of failing.
He also talked about how God will give us the What, How, and When. I know I have the what, but now I need to pursue the how and when. So I'm going to keep researching and praying so that I can discover those last two.
The last thing that really hit me was that "Faith is being willing to risk failure." This kind of goes along with what I read in Prayer of Jabez today as far as living with a dependence on God. It's easy for me to stay in my comfort zone. But stepping out of that to where I have to look beyond myself is difficult because I have to rely on God. It's sad that I so often fail to rely on him when I should look to him first.
Everything I've been doing lately is really pointing me in the lead pastor direction. It's really exciting for me. JM

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