My daughter who is 10 months old is the messiest eater I've ever seen in my life. Granted, we're still feeding her, but she shoves her hands in her mouth and then rubs her hands all over her face. It's funny because I'll put the spoon in her mouth, and ten she'll shove her right hand in there to like push in any stuff that might have squeezed out the side. It's like she doesn't trust me, which is weird because I've never shown her that I can't be trusted to provide her food.
I guess that's kind of in our nature. To want to do things ourselves, I mean. We're more comfortable when we're in control. God has promised that he will always provide for me so I don't need to worry, but it makes me feel more comfortable when I'm in control. Maybe someday I'll learn just to relax in the comfortable bliss of not being in control. JM

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