It's All Relative

Since I'm concerned about dropping a few pounds, I've been weighing myself a lot recently. But I do this on two different scales. One is a doctor's type scale at the gym and the other is a pretty standard issue bathroom type scale. I trust the gym scale much more than I do the one that I own.
There is a massive difference between the two scales. At home I weigh 142. At the gym I weigh 149. I certainly like the 142 better, but I think the 149 is more accurate. The seven pound difference is pretty dramatic. While the 142 number is measured naked (giggle - he said naked), I do have some light clothing on at the gym (big shock!). But from my estimate, my clothing only weighs 2.5 pounds. So I guess my real weight is right around 146.5 right now.
All this to say that my level of fatness is relative to which scale I'm on. Again, while I'm certainly not fat, I would like to lose a few pounds. It's just a personal thing that I would like to fix about myself because I can. JM

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