So this weekend we run a program we call Mission Impossible. It's an outdoor capture-the-flag type game that we play in a field at night. It's really cool and will be the biggest thing we do all fall. I've hyped it for about 8 weeks now with flyers, posters, talk, and some love on the website.
But before I do anything like this, I always start to get really nervous. What if I forgot something? What if something doesn't work right? What if a kid gets hurt? What if only a few kids show up? What if too many kids show up?
So I start making lists. I start out with what I call a needs list, which is a list of everything that the program will need. Then I create shopping lists, event maps, program guides, job descriptions, and stuff like that. I spend so much time stressing over it, that by the time it actually gets here, I'm just ready for it to be over.
I say all this because I think that it's part of the way that Satan gets me to overlook the potential spiritual impact. If I focus so much on the miniscule and mundane, then I probably won't spend a lot of time in prayer for it. I'd like to see a chart on the average program I run with time spent for planning the event vs. time spent praying for the event. I definitely need to up the time I spend in prayer. I've done better this time. I'm more relaxed and less frazzled. I'm definitely in more of a "Be still, and know that I am God" kind of mindset as opposed to the "What if the generator breaks?" mindset. I'll let you know how it all turns out in the end. JM

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