I'm A Hopeless Romantic

Lately, Eryn and I have been talking a lot about romance. Basically the conversation goes something like this:
Eryn – “You’re not romantic.”
Josh – “I know.”
I’ve always assumed that I am both the least romantic and least emotional person on the face of this planet. I don’t cry, don’t laugh a lot, and I have a tendency to focus a little bit too much on logic.
The other night I was watching Austin City Limits on GPB. Coldplay was the band on there, and they did an amazing job. It made me want to start a band and tour, it made me want to watch a good movie like Shawshank Redemption, it made me want to go outside and stare at the sky. I wanted to feel small, but like I was part of something much greater.
I started thinking, that’s what romance is, the excitement of being part of something much greater. It’s the emotion of feeling as though you’re playing a part in the great drama of life.
It made me realize that I really am romantic, but that people have different things that tap into that romanticism. For me, it’s being out in nature and seeing the world that God created. For my wife it may be something different.
So I’ve planned a date for us on 01.14.07 that I think she’ll enjoy. The activities aren’t romantic in and of themselves, but I think she’ll enjoy it immensely. I’ll let you know how it goes. JM

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