5:00 AM News

I have a baby girl named Ana who is 7 months old. We haven't trained her to sleep very well, so she still wakes up sometimes to have a bottle. It's pretty easy, because we'll just prop the bottle up with her in the car seat, she'll drink it all, and then I can go lay her right back down.
Yesterday Ana woke up at like 4:55 AM. Not a problem. So I take her downstairs and get her bottle. I turn on the TV to check the weather because we were about to take Eryn, Noah, and Ana up to Nana's house in St. Louis, so I wanted to see if the drive would be nice.
So the 5:00 AM news comes on. There are two news anchors talking to me about traffic, weather, some robbery, and a host of other things that I really didn't pay attention to. All I kept thinking was, I wonder what time these people have to wake up? If they are ready to go live at 5:00 AM, I bet they have to be there by 4:00 AM. That means they would have to wake up at like 3:00 AM so that they could get showered and drive in to downtown. So in order to get enough sleep they would have to go to bed by like 8:00 PM.
Wouldn't that really limit the things you could do? They have to TiVo everything in primetime. They get no time alone with their spouse because as soon as the kids are in bed, they have to be in bed, too. They don't get to go out and have fun at night. It just seemed like a sad life to me. I felt really sorry for them. I almost cried, but by then Ana was done with her bottle, so I turned off the TV, put Ana back in bed, and went back to sleep. JM

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